Cloud-based Workflow Orchestration Platform for IP Video Delivery


Simply manage workflows and components across 3rd party solutions
to deliver Linear Channels and Video-on-Demand

  • For Broadcaster & Networks

    We process your linear channels, live-events and catch-up programs and syndicate to your partner platforms for optimized OTT distribution.

  • For Service Operator

    We enhance your linear TV and VOD offering for streaming to multi screens with enhanced features for great customer experience.

  • For Retailer

    We establish for you a premium Video-on-Demand catalogue with movies and series and connect it with your physical DVD and Blu-ray business.

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Channel Acquisition with

Virtual TV-Headend

Reception and Ingest of broadcast feeds and program assets globally via Satellite, IP and Fiber.

Content Preparation by

Swarm Processing

Encoding, packaging and Multi-DRM encryption of your linear channels and premium video assets in a highly scalable and sophisticated manner.

Multi-Client Access for

Content Syndication

Creation of program bundles and title catalogues to make valuable content bouquets accessible to your various platform and distribution partners.

Delivery for


Streaming of Live and VOD content over IP via redundant origins and CDNs and addressing of Ad-Insertion placement opportunities.


It’s all API !

Access our Content Services Distribution API based on industry standards such as Cable Labs ADI and Movie Labs.

Request an API Account

and test integration of Live TV and VOD in your platform.

Get insights

of our micro-services solution architecture and learn more about customized features and capabilities of NEMO BRiDGE™.


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Request an API Account

Get Access to TV channels, VOD Assets, Program- and Metadata to easily test integration.

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Secure Token

Customer defined external queries to the system can be established via JWT (JSON Web Token) secured request to the API-Gateway or a web interface.

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Diverse reporting queries over multiple system components allow personalized reports in every granularity.

01 OnAir

Launch a TV Channel

After on-boarding and licensing approval a TV channel can be launched on your video platform within minutes due to our Virtual TV Head-end.