Advanced ad-delivery by personalized in-streams ads 

[aka Server-side Ad-Insertion]


What is Server Side Ad Insertion ?

SSAI is a process used to insert ads into a unit of long form content. It allows for a bufferless transition from content, to ad, then back to content, while providing the same user experience as broadcast TV. The process is managed by Nowtilus as an SSAI vendor. We „sit“ between the Online Video Player, Content Origin and Ad Server to mediate the stitching of ads into content. By doing so we enable personalization of each single stream containing precisely targeted ads.

Who is using SSAI ?

SSAI is used by broadcast-quality media owners. These include media owners that stream live events, stream live-linear cable TV, and have Video On Demand. This content is typically high quality and long form.

What device types support SSAI ?

SSAI content can be accessed across all devices in both web or app environments. This means users can stream SSAI content on desktop, mobile, and connected TV devices.

What are the benefits of SSAI ?

It allows a seamless insertion of personalized Ads into a digital stream that provides users with a broadcast television-like experience. End users don’t experience buffering, freezing, and other interruptions between content and ad break. It prevents client-side ad-blocking. Finally, ad-targeting and broadcast quality lead to premium CPM rates.

How is SSAI integrated and deployed ?

Nowtilus SSAI is pre-integrated with Ad-Decision Services and SSPs such as Google AdManager and SpotX. It integrates well with any existing ad-serving or delivery components such as  ADS/Ad-Servers, Encoders, Origins and CDNs. As a cloud-hosted delivery middleware it wraps the complexity of the ad-insertion process into a simple API.

What is the pricing model ?

Nowtilus provides a fully SaaS based fee structure, charged on the basis of your consumption via a technical CPM rate. Usage based fees for additional services such as encoding, storage or delivery allow you to grow rapidly while keeping your costs under control.

Cloud-native services to run the end-to-end ad-insertion workflow on server-side

Manages Live-Linear TV, Video-on-Demand and VOD-to-Linear 


Supports MPEG-DASH and HLS for OTT and MPEG2-TS for IPTV


Provides personalized streams for target advertising


DASH ad insertion techniques like XLink and DASH Inband / Inline events


SCTE35, VAST 4.0, MRSS support for ad signaling and DSP interfaces


Devices support for HTML5 browser, HbbTV 1.5 / 2.0, iOS, Android, FireTV and Chromecast


VoD-to-Linear Workflows to monetize large VoD content libraries

Nowtilus is a server side ad-insertion and  digital video supply chain solution provider.

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