Simplify your Video 

Supply Management 

We help content providers, video platforms and operators to simplify complex distribution by data-driven workflows.


Video Scenarios

The digital supply chain of video content consists of several scenarios where each one requires specific solutions. We help our clients to automate where possible and use industry standards to be highly compatible.

Nowtilus joins the EMA

„We welcome Nowtilus into EMA and look forward to working with them and the entire digital supply chain community throughout Europe to create efficiencies that will reduce costs, increase the availability of content, and enable innovation,” declared Mark Fisher, President & CEO of EMA.

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Solution Design

Nowtilus is a micro-service based SaaS platform for Digital Supply Chain and Video Distribution Management.

Saas Cloud Platform

Nowtilus is hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud and deeply integrated with its Cloud Media and Delivery Services.

3rd Party Integration

Nowtilus is pre-integrated with video solutions from partners to enable a broader ecosystem and workflows across on-premise and cloud systems.

Workflow Engine

Allows to create an end-to-end configuration of components and jobs to enable workflows for live-linear and file-based processes and related data streams.

API Gateway

Provides CRUD access to video, audio and data resources in industry standards. It works via push and pull to exchange data between content providers and distribution platforms.

Business Benefits

We help our clients to make their video business more efficient and grow.

Unify video workflows

Nowtilus helps you to manage Video-on-Demand content and Live-Linear streams under one roof. Our solution automates your digital content distribution and makes your supply chain more cost efficient. Let algorithms and workflow jobs manage your video delivery, scale the output and get meaningful reports of the processes behind. 

Be compliant

Meet contractual terms and conditions of your content distribution, use business rules to automate tiers, wholesale pricing, holdbacks and program blackouts. By using our Avails- and License Management based on industry standards you can run critical business processes fully compliant with your licensing and distribution agreements.

Workflow Engine

Video is consumed on a growing number of platforms and devices. By automating your workflows and shorten processing time our solution helps you to syndicate the content to all your distribution partners and social channels in time. 

Improve customer experience

Enrich your Video Content with metadata from an integrated machine learning AI services. Then provide deep data such as actor recognition and speech-to-text transcripts to make your content usage more attractive for customers.

Enable new monetization

Provide a personalized Video Experience to your customers and gain higher revenues with targeted advertisement. By implementing our Server-Side An-Insertion and Channel Origination you enable new ways for monetizing your TV, VOD and Clip delivery. 

Adapt to the market

New ways of consuming video appear rapidly. With our Nowtilus Video platform we are already pre-integrated with global video clouds and committed to adapt to new technologies in an agile way. Our fast-moving team of experienced specialists is driven by the passion to deliver the next level of video management.


Our Clients


Our Team

We are a team of experienced specialists driven by the passion to deliver the next level of video management.

Nowtilus is presented by:

Leander Carell

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Product and Marketing

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Finance, Business Development and Sales

Georg Senzenberger

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Head of Product

Sebastian Weikart

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Head of Technology and Development




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